Hill Hassall Botanics Eucalyptus, Cucumber & Mint Refresher (3 pack)


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From “Britain’s Hottest Botanic Garden” on the Isle of Wight, this cucumber, Eucalyptus and mint drink is sure to refresh you and lift your spirits. We are excited to bring this out to market after so much development. Over months of trials and tastings, Hill Hassall Botanics has created a well-balanced elixir of fresh pressed cucumber juice infused with garden mint and British-grown Eucalyptus. Our staff describe it as “moreish – one 250ml can is not enough!”

We spent hours in the kitchen, experimenting with flavours, extracts and concentrates, working hard to develop a drink with a fresh, light and round mouthfeel. In the end we stuck with all natural ingredients. When we tasted the difference between natural flavourings, extracts, concentrates and fresh pressed juice, we knew we had to go fresh pressed. Same for the mint, we infused real mint leaves in the juice and of course we kept it real with Eucalyptus leaves too!

Founder, John Curtis said, “From harvesting Eucalyptus globulus leaves in our purpose grown grove to hand pressing mountains of cucumbers, we have endeavored to get the best taste possible in the can.”

We hope you enjoy it!