Eucalyptus Sea Salt



A Sea Salt with a Social Mission: Every pinch helps us secure the future of the Island’s only botanic garden.

The Hill Hassall Legacy: When our Chef met the Eucalyptus Collection it was a coup de foudre and Dr Hill Hassall’s Botanic Sea Salt was born. Dr Hill Hassall, the founder of the TB Hospital on the site of today’s Botanic Garden, would have approved- a tree much used by the Aborigines for its healing properties grown in his beloved subtropical micro climate at Ventnor in the Isle of Wight.

Use & Storage: Try with fish, in a Bloody Mary, on a salad or as an accent for vegetable dishes. This is a versatile salt with a refreshing zip to it.

Ingredients: Sea Salt & VBG grown Eucalyptus globulus. 40g.

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